4 reasons why you have gained weight


You have done everything right, but still the wave shows that you have gained weight. Quiet. It does not have to be because you have gained more fat on the body. Here are the natural causes of weight gain - temporarily.

1. You have eaten more than usual of these two things

Salt is known to bind water to the body. If you have eaten a lot of salty foods in the last few days you can have more fluid in the body and it can be seen on the weight curve. But keep in mind that weight gain is only fluid, not fat! When you kiss (or sweat) out, the weight will also return to normal. Carbohydrates also bind fluid. The carbohydrates the body does not use directly as fuel accumulate as an energy reserve in the form of glycogen in the muscles. It attracts fluid. The more glycogen we collect, the more fluid there is in the body.

2. You are stressed

When we are chronically or acutely stressed, the salt and fluid balance is disturbed by our stress hormones. During, and after, a stressful period, we may feel unusually inflated. In case of acute stress, the hormone adrenaline causes us to secrete more fluid. When the acute stress is gone, the body will restore fluid balance by accumulating the fluid you have lost again - and the weight will increase. But the weight gain is due to more fluid, not more body fat!

3. You should have menswear

The same thing happens during menstruation, the hormones temporarily ramp up the fluid balance in the body. It is not uncommon for people to “lose weight” two kilos during the first few days during menstruation!

4. You trained heavily yesterday

If you exercised heavy strength training yesterday, your muscles are in full swing to build up the day (or the days, depending on how heavy you trained) after. This repair process causes the muscles to absorb fluid and glycogen like a fungus. And everyone knows that a wet sponge weighs more than a dry one…


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