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Tire selection is an important part of ensuring the safety for you and your vehicle. You need to select tires that can provide the best safety for your vehicle, if not then you are at instant risk of being in an accident. The tires have to be selected for the vehicle you are driving and for the driving conditions that you aim to drive in. Since you most likely already have the vehicle when you start looking for tires, the starting point is set. There are different tires for different types of vehicles. Heavier and bigger vehicles will need bigger dimension tires with a higher load rating. Sporty vehicles might require a higher speed rating and also tires that can deliver the performance expected. Electric or hybrids will also require special tires.

If you have decided that you want to have studded winter tires, as they have the best grip on snow and ice, then just have to make sure that you find the best ones and the best for your vehicle. Tire safety between different tire brands is best assessed in various tire tests performed by different car magazines or car associations. Tire assessments are always done based on the sum of various tests that will include braking distance on snow and on ice, handling on snow and ice and a few others. If you aim to mainly drive on icy surfaces, these tests are the main ones that you should base your evaluation on when you select the tires.

The main reason to use winter tires instead of all-season tires is that the rubber compound used in the all season tires is different than the one used in winter tires. Winter tires are optimized for low temperatures, while the summer tires are optimized for warm temperatures, so when the temperature drops below freezing the all-season tires will become hard and lose its possibility to create grip and traction and thus the winter tires are superior to all-season tires as soon as the temperature drops below freezing. This is why the change should be done based on temperature so that you have the tires on before the snow arrives.

The choice of studded or non-studded will depend on where you live and where you drive. Studded tires are not allowed in every state or province, but if they are allowed, they tend to provide better grip on ice than non-studded tires and are therefore preferred.

If you are looking for the best studded tires, you should read various tire tests performance by car organizations of car magazines. Studded tires will provide you with the best grip on ice as well on snow and provide excellent grip in curves, when braking and accelerating. This will provide you with the ultimate safety when driving. Winter tires are also officially approved for winter use and can be used where winter tires are mandatory and studded tires are allowed. This might not be the case in the area where you live. Since some states and provinces are not allowing the use of studded tires, you might have to choose non-studded tires, or  winter approved all-weather tires.

Winter travel in Brussels: ideas and tips

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Think of chocolates one thinks of Belgium. But decadent chocolates and French fries are not just its identification marks; rather there are some magnificent spectaculars that bring lures too. Talk about Brussels, the capital and a city with enchanting winter destination owing to its charming Christmas markets, sparkling lights throughout the city and warm cafés. The city has abundant museums, palaces, squares, shops and restaurants that warmly welcome you and allow a glimpse of local life. Sunset, in particular, here is mind blowing with flake white buildings having dark roofs covered with white snow at the backdrop of pink hues. This sight is right out of any wonderland film. During winter this country is city than its other European counterparts. But hardly the temperature dips under zero grades. This city has an array of things to visit and activities to carry out. Sounds interesting? Carry out reading further!

Christmas market at the Grand Palace is a place one must visit. Local goodies, authentic food and very much Christmas atmosphere here will give you a taste of local culture. You can shop for souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones here. Adhering to the true Christmas spirit city centre too comes up with make shift wooden huts that sell local wares.

The Old England building houses a musical instruments’ museum. Visiting this facility has two benefits: one, the building itself has breathtaking architecture and will surely leave you speechless and two it plays host to a whole range of ancient and modern musical instruments from all over the world. You’ll be fascinated by the sight and sounds of these 2000+ instruments as you pass through the halls.

In case you are a shopping buff, then head straight to the Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert. This is a 19th century shopping arcade that has studios of famous designers as well as boutiques and designer stores. This building is not just famous for shopping but the architecture with high glass ceiling adds another depth to the entire experience.

Atomium is a place to be for science crazy people. If you wish to see a huge atom, then this is a place. They have blown the atom to 165 million times bigger.

In case you are not EU resident and wish to explore Brussels on roads then, during winter fixing of winter tires for your car or SUV as per rule is a big task if you are driving your own vehicle. Hence hiring a vehicle with SUV winter tires with ready insurance documents sounds really convenient option. Many rental agencies do this for you at a reasonable rate.